Technical Support Services

infinitiwireless® Corporation offers a broad base of technical experience. Our consulting services range from complete telecommunication systems design, supervision of installation of microwave networks, through system debugging. If you need assistance on a telecommunications problem we will provide you a detailed proposal outlining your options both technically and economically. You choose a level of support customized to suit your needs.

Types of Technical Support

- Site Engineering
- Installation
- On Site
- Phone Support

On-Site Network Support

infinitiwireless® Corporation offers complete on-site microwave network support. We provide various levels of service based on an assessment of your particular situation. If a full service site support contract is desired you

are assured your network will be operationally verified, radios calibrated, maintained and repaired with personnel dedicated to 24-hour support. We offer a staff of highly trained Technicians and Engineers for technical support of your network. Our full-time technical staff are experts ready to help you maximize usage and minimize cost.

Technical Training Services

Realizing that a well-trained staff is imperative to your success, infinitiwireless® offers comprehensive courses covering our product line as well as technical concepts. Product-related courses are designed to increase knowledge and proficiency, while industry concept classes cover theory of operation, engineering, site service and repair of microwave radios and systems. Classes are conducted at either customer facilities or at our Sacramento, CA facilities. We are continually updating our curriculum to help you prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

Contact us to find out how infinitiwireless® can help you solve your toughest problems today!


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